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SCORE NE Georgia volunteers are experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives with a diverse set of industries and specialties who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small businesses owners start, develop, and grow businesses. We also offer low-cost or no-cost business training, and numerous templates and tools.

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Managing Expectations

I think there must be a class for orthopedic doctors when they’re in school about how to tell clients they may never walk again. Read more


4 Steps to Start a New Business

You have a business that opened 6 months ago. There is only one problem and it’s pretty major, how do you bring in customers to serve? Read more


Inbound vs Outbound Marketing. Do you know the difference?

We will take a closer look at what each type involves, how they differ from one another, and why you should consider both for your company's next project! Read more

Free Remote Mentoring

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, SCORE mentors will meet with clients remotely. Mentors are available to participate in remote mentoring sessions via phone, email, and video. You can browse mentor profiles to find your ideal expert or fill out the mentoring request form and we will pair you with the right mentor to help your small business thrive.

Live Online Workshops

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Register today for our no-or low-cost business training. We provide education on a variety of business topics, including marketing, finance, and accounting, management, and others. Live webinars, on-demand interactive courses, and recorded webinars are also available online.

Browse Business Resources

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If you're looking for free, local business templates, guides, blogs, or other helpful tools, SCORE is your destination. Browse our resource library to get the latest in small business strategies and trends. Use the information you find in the library to grow your business knowledge.

Share Your Expertise

SCORE is proud to have the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors. They help thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses every year. Our volunteers give back to their communities and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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SCORE Empowers All Entrepreneurs

We believe that anyone can start and manage a successful small business. We also know that the road is harder for some than for others. Diverse backgrounds, different voices and unique needs may call for specialized resources and mentoring approaches.

SCORE is listening, recognizes these diverse needs, and provides personalized support in a wholly-inclusive platform called SCORE for All. 

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